Board Committees

Family Literacy and Lifelong Learning Committee

Chair: Kim Bauer

  • Trish Seely
  • Ivan Augustine
  • Ella Nason
  • Shirley Downey (Non-Board Member)
  • Pam Whitty (Non-Board Member)
  • Sheelagh Callaghan (Non-Board Member)
  • Sarah Aldous (Non-Board Member)
  • Valerie Blyth (Non-Board Member)
  • Jean Robinson (Non-Board Member)
  • Trish Harding (Non-Board Member)


Adult/Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills Committee

Chair: Deanna Allen

  • Christina Fowler
  • Rebecca Rice
  • Patrick Colford
  • Steven Therrien


Communications and Government Relations

Chair: Charlotte Stanton

  • Frank Hayes
  • Patrick Lacroix
  • Marilyn Trenholme Counsell
  • Gregory Gillis
  • Brent Melanson
  • John Otteson