2022 Dr. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell Literacy Award Ceremony a Success!

Our Dr. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell Literacy Awards once again took place on Zoom this year, and we are happy to announce that it was a resounding success! The award ceremony was held on April 21st with over 40 participants. Brent Melanson, President of the LCNB board, and Lynda Homer, Executive Director, were the Masters of Ceremonies. The Honourable Brenda Murphy, Lieutenant Governor, gave the opening remarks in both official languages. Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, Dominic Cardy, brought greetings from the province and spoke about the importance of literacy, also in French and English. Dr. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell spoke about the power of literacy and how important these awards are.

As a special highlight for the winners, a video was put together by LCNB with messages recorded by friends and coworkers to congratulate the winners. This video was presented at the end of the ceremony after the winners accepted their awards. This video will be made available online.

Congratulations to the 2022 winners! Thank you to everyone who participated in the Zoom ceremony!

Published Author – Leo LaFleur

Leo LaFleur is a writer of short stories, poems, novels, graphic novels, children’s lit, and songs. He has been published in literary magazines in North America, as well as nominated for multiple music related awards — Producer of the Year, Rock artist of the Year, and Folk Artist of the Year. His poetry is to be featured in Queen’s Quarterly this year.

He lives in Saint John, New Brunswick, where he finds a great deal of inspiration in nature and the surrounding forests. The Errand is Leo’s first graphic novel series. His latest book, The Queen, was chosen by the CCBC in 2021 for their Best Books for Kids & Teens list in Canada.

Outstanding Effort in Indigenous Literacy – Shyla Augustine

Shyla Augustine, from Elsipogtog First Nation, is a 2nd grade teacher at Elsipogtog First Nations school. While studying at St. Thomas University for her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees, as well as being a single mother of two, she wrote the children’s book Mi’kmaq Alphabet Book. The goal of this book was to increase literacy and awareness of the Mi’kmaq language across New Brunswick and Canada as a whole. It includes both English and Mi’kmaq, so both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students can benefit. When developing this book, Shyla thought about her children, about her language disappearing, and about herself as an Indigenous person.

The book was shortlisted as a finalist for the Alice Kitts Memorial Award for Excellence in Children’s Writing.

Early Childhood Literacy/L’alphabétisation de la petite enfance – « La pédagogie au service de l’actualisation linguistique préscolaire »

Le projet vise à outiller les personnes éducatrices en petite enfance afin qu’elles acquièrent les pratiques pédagogiques favorisant l’apprentissage du français.

Karine Pineault’s project aims to equip early childhood educators with pedagogical practices that promote learning French. Karine has shared her expertise to create resources for these educators according to the best up to date practices. It is expected that over 200 educators will receive this training by June 2022.

A graduate of Laval University, Karine is passionate about helping preschool children develop a Francophone cultural identity. She also developed the award winning program “Francobulles”, which helped children up to 5 years old and their parents learn to speak French through play and interaction.

Community Literacy Program – Achieve Literacy Greater Saint John

Achieve Literacy Greater Saint John was formed in 2014 as a partnership with BCAPI, ELF, PALS and the Anglophone School District South. Their focus has been on improving the learning abilities of children in low-income areas from birth to grade 2. The program has added teachers to seven priority schools and raised $150,000. The program also helps families with availability of books, tools and tips to improve reading and provide a comprehensive approach to literacy.

Business Corporate Initiative – Paul McAllister, Monster House Publishing

In grade school, Paul struggled with reading comprehension.

Fortunately, he was placed in an after-school one-on-one reading program.  Eventually, after a visit to his school by Sheree Fitch served as a catalyst, he developed a lifelong passion for the written word. 

Paul believes that one of the most direct ways to encourage improvement in our society, is through literacy development in our children. That is the mission statement for Monster House Publishing. Through programs like the “Young Author Program” in which Paul works with a class to help them publish their own book, the “Tell us Your Story Writing Competition” and the “A is for Art” program in partnership with The Beaverbrook Art Gallery, he and he hopes to reach those at-risk youth who need that extra boost to develop a lifelong love of literacy.  

Individual Outstanding Contribution to Literacy – Moriya Boyle

became a New Brunswick youth ambassador for Digitally Lit, a youth-led online engagement strategy designed to connect online spaces and locally published books to young people. Moriya stands out as the only ambassador to consistently read and share in both official languages.  She  has also founded and oversees the social media campaign Atlantic Giveaways with Moriya, a book giveaway designed to drive excitement about new local books. Her social media page, Reading with Moriya, promotes reading and local authors. Her emphasis is not just on reading, but reading locally, and her talent for social media and connecting with others makes her a trailblazer in the field.

Moriya is also active in her school community as a rep on her school’s student council, and her municipality as an intern with the City of Moncton.

Individual Outstanding Contribution to Literacy – Mary Ryan

Mary Ryan has been an elementary school teacher for over 30 years in the Fredericton area school system. Over that time and in retirement Mary published several books for New Brunswicker’s reading pleasure and education on a variety of topics. Her most recent book, Flying With Peek-a-Book Multicolored Feathers, shares her vast knowledge and experience as a classroom teacher about how children grow and benefit from exposure to various cultural traditions and religions.

Mary Ryan’s greatest joy was teaching elementary students for not only the love of key skills(literacy, math, English) but to broaden children’s understanding of various cultures. Mary was honored by the Governor General in Rideau Hall in Ottawa in 1978. She received the National citizenship award on April 13th, 1993, and in 2020 , Mary received the New Brunswick Multicultural Council Pioneer individual award for Champions of Cultural Diversity.