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Let’s Learn! A parent’s guide to giving your child a great start

Apprenons Ensemble! Offrons un meilleur départ a nos tout-petits

Kina’masultinej! Let’s Learn!

Adult Learners:

Want to get better at reading? Writing? Math? Using Technology? (En/Fr)

Workplace Learning: A Guide to Getting Started

Adult Literacy Week

Adult Literacy Week is an occasion to acknowledge the triumphs that many New Brunswickers have and celebrate the importance of life-long learning in our lives.


We received submissions from over 40 contestants whose inspiring stories are featured here on our website. The theme for 2020 was “Learning Changes Lives”.

Click here for the 2020 Adult Learners’ Week Essays eBook


In conjunction with this week, the Literacy Coalition held their annual Adult Learners’ Writing Contest, with this year’s theme being “Returning to Learning Changes Lives”.

Click here for the 2019 Adult Learners’ Week Essays eBook


Adult Literacy and Learning Disabilities: Best Practices for Success, a Resource Manual for Practitioners