Family Literacy

One of the important aims of the Literacy Coalition is to  increase awareness of the importance of family literacy and provide family literacy support and information for families and program providers. We believe that  families have a profound and lasting influence on children’s literacy development and that it is never too early to begin sharing books with babies and encouraging their literacy learning. Family literacy practices encourage the development of lifelong readers and learners and help maintain the literacy levels of adults as they go about their daily lives.

Below are some helpful links to family and early childhood literacy resources. These resources contain book lists,  tips and ideas for encouraging family literacy in every day life and lots of fun activities for the whole family.

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We are pleased to share a literature review conducted by Dr. Pam Whitty from UNB for the Literacy Coalition. This in depth scan is consists of areas relevant to our Family Literacies Online project, looking at current thinking on family literacies and moving online for young children and babies.

Read the full review by clicking here.

The Creative Diversity of Young Children’s Digital Learning at Home

In this video, Professor Rosie Flewitt speaks about young children’s digital literacy learning at home. To watch this insightful video, scroll down and click on the video below:

Sharing Books with Babies – It’s Never too Early!

Our exciting video depicts babies and parents enjoying books together in a variety of everyday situations. It demonstrates the importance of sharing books with infants and toddlers and contains helpful information and tips for parents wishing to support their children’s early literacy development from birth.

This video was developed as a collaboration between Born to Read NB, the UNB Early Childhood Centre, the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick, and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, which funded the project.

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Let’s Learn! Booklet

Outdoor Literacy

Writing and Drawing

Domestic Literacy

Exploring Literacies Handbook

Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation

NB Public Library: Videos on Supporting Early Literacy Development

These videos on were developed by the NB Public Library as part of their Every Child Ready to Read initiative. They show how parents can support their child’s early literacy development through Talking, Singing, Reading, Creating and Playing, everyday. Click the links below to watch their YouTube videos.

Versions françaises:

Special online Storytelling Series for Children by Dr. Joanne LeBlanc-Haley, educator, storyteller and one of the founding members of the Storytellers of Canada.

Dr. Joanne LeBlanc-Haley, educator, storyteller and one of the founding members of the Storytellers of Canada.

Joanne was born into a storytelling family, and as an educator, told stories throughout her career.  Today, in this time of social distancing, she has created a You Tube channel in order to share folktales and other stories for children, told in the traditional storytelling way.  

Children undergo a different experience when they are told stories orally, versus a story shared through picture books.  They use the storyteller’s words to create pictures; to make their own mind-movies.  Children hear language and words used in ways that are not like our regular day-to-day conversations.  Traditional storytelling engages children’s imagination, allowing them to travel to the “long ago” and “far away”.  

Joanne tells us that parents know their own child best and they can choose which stories would be suitable, and most likely to capture their child’s interest.  The tales are short; preview them – see which ones are right for your child. 

Click on the link to view this exciting new storytelling channel.

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Take Twenty Tip Sheet

This Take Twenty tip sheet invites families to take twenty minutes to make learning part of every day. Click on the picture below to see some great learning tips with wonderful illustrations by Barbara Reid!


This heartwarming video shows a father reading to his young daughter.
Learning to read starts from birth. Whether through books, words, or songs – daily language experiences help form an emotional bond with your baby and are vital to the development of your baby’s early literacy skills.
Storytelling is a long standing tradition that strengthens literacy development and is foundational to literacy learning. Peter Clarke is a New Brunswick educator, author and storyteller who combines storytelling with local history.