Conducted by LCNB:

Impact of Covid on the NB Literacy Sector Results – Survey conducted by LCNB

New Brunswick Family questionnaire results for the Literacy Asset Map Research

Adult Literacy:

The Rise and Fall of Adult Literacy: Policy Lessons from Canada

Adult Literacy in Canada 2017 by the CUPE Literacy Program

Adults With Inadequate Literacy Skills Study by The Conference Board of Canada

Beyond the GED

Literacy Lost Report: Canada’s Basic Skills Shortfall

Capacity to Connect: Supporting Students’ Mental Health and Wellness

Family Literacy:

Community-Based Family Literacy Program: Comparing Different Durations and Family Characteristics

Family Literacy Matters

Read, Speak, Sing: Promoting early literacy in the health care setting

Early Childhood Literacy:

An Economic Overview of Children’s Literacy in Canada – Nov. 2020

Conducted by GNB:

The Power of Literacy: Moving Towards New Brunswick’s Comprehensive Literacy Strategy

Conducted by the Government of Canada:

Building Understanding: The First Report of the National Advisory Council on Poverty [website link] [PDF version]