Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick is comprised of members from government, other organizations and the general public.


·        Brent Melanson, President

·        Gregory Gillis, Treasurer

·        Marilyn Trenholme Counsell, Past President


Board Members:

·        Ivan Augustine, First Nations Education Group Inc.

·        Christopher Watson, New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL)

·    Johnny St-Onge, Frontier College (NBFL)

·        Dr. Pam Whitty, UNB Early Childhood Centre

·     Bob Scott, NB Power

·     Patricia Seely, Born to Read

·     Carol Cottrill, Laubach Literacy NB

·        Valerie Blyth, New Brunswick Association of Family Resource Centres

·        Ginny Hooper, Saint John Learning Exchange

·        Anthazia Kadir, Multicultural Association of Fredericton

·   Cheryl Miles, Community Volunteer

·   Bob Stranach, Community Adult Literacy Network (CALNET)


Government Representatives:

·        Ella Nason, New Brunswick Public Library Service

·        Beth Corey, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

·        Bev Hornibrook, Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour


Honorary Advisors:

·        Dennis MacLeod

·        Douglas Willms

·        Marian Zaichkowski

Board Committees