Dr. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell Literacy Awards 2019

The 8 worthy winners of the Dr. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell Literacy Awards received their awards at a ceremony at the Crowne Plaza, Fredericton on November 18th. Lynda Homer, LCNB Executive Director, was Master of Ceremonies for the event. Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, Dominic Cardy brought greetings from the government and spoke about the importance of literacy, and Brent Melanson, LCNB President, presented the awards to the recipients. A special highlight of the evening was the traditional indigenous dance and water song performed in honour of Imelda and David Perley, award recipients for Outstanding Effort for Indigenous Literacy.

Congratulations to the 2019 award winners!

  • Early Childhood – Kristiana Myers, Evergreen Acres Early Learning and Child Care Home
    • Kristiana Myers  is the owner and operator of Evergreen Acres, Early Learning and Child Care Home in the Fredericton Area. Kristiana is an outstanding literacy leader in our Early Childhood sector who has inspired others to help children discover the power of literacy in new and innovative ways. Her ability to bring literacy outside has been ground-breaking. Aside from children being able to dive into a favourite book anytime and anywhere, Kristiana is constantly creating new ideas like an outdoor lending library for families and building comfortable outdoor spaces for all literacy activities, including the art of story-telling. She is a true champion of progressive literacy strategies for all aspects of literacy – talking, singing, reading, and creating through play every day. Early Childhood Leaders in our province would agree that Kristiana has made outstanding contributions to literacy in New Brunswick.
  • Early Childhood – Francobulles, District Scolaire, Francophone Sud
    • Francobulles is a free fran-chi-zation playgroup for children up to five years old and their parents, grandparents, or guardians,  that helps parents to learn to speak French through play and interaction with their children, while at the same time the children are learning too. 
  • Community Literacy Program– Crescent Valley Resource Centre (Saint John)
    • The Crescent Valley Resource Centre is a neighborhood community centre providing free programs, information and services to the residents of one of Saint John’s high priority neighborhoodsIt is home to the largest number of Syrian newcomer families in Saint John. The arrival of these families, and more recently families from Asian and African countries has created a diverse neighborhood with unique challenges. It offers numerous events and programs such as literacy initiatives, summer camps, health and wellness services, food security program, employment counselling and English as a second language, and a Book Wagon that travels throughout the neighbourhood to lend books and engage residents to talk about their concerns and learn about upcoming events. 
  • Business /Corporate Literacy – Mowi Fisheries (St. Stephen)
    • This year’s recipient is Mowi Canada East.  Mowi is the world’s largest supplier of salmon, with local operations in Letang, on the Bay of Fundy. Mowi has been selected for this award in recognition of their ongoing commitment to their employees’ growth and for their outstanding participation in the Essential Skills for Atlantic Fisheries program. This Atlantic wide program is led by the Literacy Coalition to increase the pool of skilled labour in the fisheries sector, improve essential skills for unemployed individuals and supervisors, connect potential workers with available jobs in the fisheries and provide them with job-related training. The company has provided work placements for several participants and made job offers to all those who completed the program.
  • Outstanding Individual Contribution to Literacy – Cynthia Adams
    • Cynthia Adams  was recognized for her significant and enduring contribution to adult learning in the greater Sackville area, working as a facilitator with the Open  Doors GED & adult Learning Program. After spending thirty-three years as a public school teacher, Cynthia retired only to take on another twenty years plus doing the same for the Community Adult Learning Program. Through her longstanding experience, creativity, and sensitivity, Cynthia is known for her ability to identify the unique needs of each learner and modify her approach to ensure success. According to her colleagues, Cynthia will do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t lose any learner. Whether it’s arranging for a speech therapist, or finding a drive to a doctor’s appointment, Cynthia is dedicated to keeping all of her students on the path to achieve their goals. She is an inspiration to many young teachers and an inspiration for us all.
  • Outstanding Effort for Indigenous Literacy – Imelda and David Perley
    • David and Imelda have been outstanding champions for spiritual and cultural revival of their community through language, education, creative expression and community support. Together, David and Imelda have lectured at colleges and universities on indigenous education, history, law and current affairs. Emphasizing the importance of speaking and understanding Wolastoquey by using the language is a gift both Perleys share with everyone.  The development of a language app to protect their original language must be a source of great pride for David and Imelda. David, along with Imelda, is founder and coordinator of the Wolastoque Language and Culture Centers Inc. situated at Negootkook and St. Mary’s First Nations.

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