New Brunswick launches literacy strategy!

The province’s strategy follows the release of last year’s report by New Brunswick Literacy Secretariat co-chairs Marilyn Trenholme Counsell and Liane Roy. The recommendations included: speech support for children, encouraging parents to sing, talk and read to their children under five, and providing better support of community-based learning for adult literacy. Her report also suggested that libraries appoint community literacy coordinators.

Some of the key priorities in the strategy, according to a release, include:

  • Providing a single point of access for parents to maximize their child’s or children’s development
  • Providing individual-based programs and services as well as intervention for children
  • Discovering ways to provide learning opportunities outside the “traditional school day”
  • Working with employers to address literacy needs for the labour market
  • Support for adult learners that “advances them” towards their goals and potential employment

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