Greetings From Our Acting Executive Director, Lynda Homer.

It is with great enthusiasm that I begin my new position as Acting Executive Director for the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick.  My past involvement with the Literacy Coalition includes several years as Board member, Board President and Family Literacy Project Manager. It feels good to be back with this important organization!

I have had the opportunity to promote literacy and learning in a variety of settings throughout my career including teaching at the preschool, public school, college and university levels. I have also been Regional Director for Woodstock Early Intervention Services and Provincial Consultant for Early Childhood Services for the Province of New Brunswick. Most recently I have worked as an independent consultant focusing on early childhood education and literacy.

My specialty areas include project management, program development and evaluation, training, staff development, research and report writing; I hope to put all of these skills to good use.  I look forward to working with all of you to advance literacy, lifelong learning and essential skills through continued partnerships and collaboration.