Holiday Literacy Ideas

For more ideas and tips on Reading, Mark Making, Digital Resources and learning through play with Babies and Toddlers, see the LCNB Family Resource Booklet by clicking here!

The holidays are a busy time full of fun and excitement. They are also a wonderful opportunity for literacy enriching experience.
Reading can be a wonderful way to relax and reconnect.

Children of all ages love read-alouds. Cuddling up on the couch with a good book, hot chocolate, and soft lighting sets a relaxing mood for reading. Taking turns reading with your child, whether it is reading the words or reading the pictures, boosts reading enthusiasm and success.

The Holiday Season is the perfect time to enrich writing skills!

Writing thank you letters for gifts, helping to write lists for groceries and fun activities, and keeping a journal are fun ways to create personal connections to writing. The Holiday Season is the perfect time to enrich writing skills!

Take Literacy into the kitchen!

Make your favourite recipe together, having your child read the recipe.
Make some playdough and use it to “write” letters, words, and pictures.
Have an Alphabet Cereal scavenger hunt; fill up your bowl and look for letters or build words.
ABC pasta silly words; cook up the pasta, dip up a spoonful and see what word you can create!

Get the whole family in on the fun!

Dig out those “old favourite” board games to promote oral language and conversation.
Pick up a few new games, such as Headbandz or Pictionary.
Story Cubes are tons of fun; roll the dice and tell a story using the pictures.
Play charades – talking, moving, AND laughing!

Technology can enrich literacy learning.

Technology can enrich literacy learning, especially on those long car rides!
Add a literacy app to that tablet! Search “literacy for kids” and load a few free apps.
Check out Epic! for online stories. has great early learning activities.
Create interactive puppet shows with the Puppet Pals app.

Literacy is everywhere; when you are having fun and spending time together, the learning will blossom!